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Why the Western genre needs Man Born Again?

Man Born Again is a comic, yeah we know it. But it isn’t JUST a comic.

The story is grounded on historical documents and the spirit of the Lakota Sioux culture permeates all the novel.

Thanks to the expert advice by Dr. Alessandro Martire, president of the Wambli Gleska association we have transported, in our comic, the Lakota culture, without filters!

Every single pencil’s sign means something… will you able to understand all the messages, hidden in the Man Born Again’s panels, in the story’s events and in the narration? Don’t worry, if you need, the spirit of the wolf will guide you ;)

Check the “Follow My Eyes” page for more details.

Why Man Born Again needs you?

Even though Man Born Again is a digital comic, it is expensive realize it, in order to give our readers an innovative product, in line with new technologies.

Since two years ago we have supply our work’s costs… but now we want to realize the comic in a better way: more professional, more fast!

So, we have choosen the flexible campaign and we will carry-on anyway. Your help will allow us to do our work in the greater possible manner.

When this campaign will be ended, we’ll start work on the episode #2, titled “Death travels by train” and, when it will ready, we’ll started another campaign, for the episode #3, and so on!

How we’ll spend the funds:

9500$ will used for perks, shipping and indiegogo and paypal fees

500$ for the translation from italian into US english

2000$ will spend in order to create the iPhone and iPad Apps and to make it free to download, without advertisement and with free uploads!

3000$ will used to upkeep our sites and online services and to promote our comic, worldwide and for organization and participation in special events, such as exhibits, fairs, etc…

5000$ will spend in order to reinforce our team and, we hope, to translate Man Born Again in Spanish and Japanese languages! And, maybe, to pay an english speech course :)

This campaign is worldwide, US$ payment are required!

For currency convertion, check this site!