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Superheroes Are Real



Good Morning everyone,
yesterday morning there has been the opening ceremony of the Wolakota 2014 exhibit at the Medici Riccardi palace in Florence. Thanks to the Wambli Gleska Association, the entire MBA crew has participated at the event as their partners.
We’ve been invited by the president of the association itself, Alessandro Martire, who has initiated us to the knowledge of the Native Americans trough the passion and love he feels towards this ancient culture. For this, we will be grateful forever.

We encourage everyone who is interested to visit the Wolakota event to have a look without prejudice to the arguments exposed in this exhibit, which was prepared with love and effort from all the association.

The Association and the Exhibit themselves have been also fully supported by the Italian Government, who has renewed the Identification of the Native Identity Agreement during the same event two years ago.

Despite it comes from our own imagination, Man Born Again is inspired by historical facts, and for this reason, our team has worked hard to have a sincere and truthful research.
The depth of the subject, that will be soon on, brought us into an unexpected amazing personal evolution and journey: acknowledging this, we now know that the beautiful human beings we have met aren’t meant to be a simple concindence.
Those people’s presence is so full of Dignity, Awareness, Spirituality and Courage that our creative imagination couldn’t really materialized it into one single character.

In this way, as super-nerds as we are, we could receive a powerful enlightenment, strong as Thor’s bolt, and clear like the mountain spring water: we realized that Batman, Superman, the Spiderman and the IronMan really do exist, but those ‘paper heroes’ own just a small part of the Courage, Nobility, Knowledge, Sacrifice and Love for their people in comparison of the Native Americans, who are a living incarnation of those ideals. Their example are, in our opinion, the starting point that will help our civilization to be inhabitated just by real human beings.

What the fans of Captain America, Green lantern, X-Men, the Avengers and the Justice League read on their comics made of raw paper about their favorite heroes, the Native Americans live it everyday as part of their lives since centuries.
For that reason we can say Superheroes exist: they are all around us, in every angle, in every city, because we are all human beings, like them. We have just to remember what does really mean to be a Human Being…in order to know how many and what our superpowers are.

MBA Team