Terms and conditions Privacy Notes


Terms and conditions Privacy Notes

Buying a part in BuyYourRole, you certify to be 18 years of age or older, that the subject in the photographs sent to us are you and that you possess all rights to the photographs sent.

The type of character and the number of stories or scenes in which the character will appear is at the complete discretion of the writers.

The appearance in at least one scene in one episode is assured.
The artistic director will have sole responsibility over the decision of awarding the role of the character with the face of the client, in accordance with Rule 96 – 97 law number 633/41 and Rule 10 of the Italian Civil Code.

The appearance of the model will be adapted to requirements for the character’s image, which could include different hair styles, clothes and other esthetic elements, while maintaining clear client references.

In accordance with Rule 98 law no. 633/41 and in accordance with the sentence of Corte di Cassazione n. 4094 of 28/6/1980, the original images (digital file sources and/or photographic negatives) are considered as property of the photographer.
With the acceptance of this contract, the buyers transfer all rights of the images in the photographs sent and in their possession to Eclypsed Word, without expectations.

Accepting the above stated conditions, you further declare to waive any claims to any right (economically, of the images, narrative etc…) to the images that you send and to the character that is created from these images, in addition to any products with the brand Man Born Again, CEFAC&Arts and Eclypsed Word in which the character could appear.

The display and the use of the images are to be considered as completely free of charge and carried out in a proper manner.
The photographs, and the face of the character, may be used all over the world and in all areas (exhibitions, competitions, screenings, internet, publicity, marketing, publishing, press, video etc…).

We assure that the images sent and all the sensitive data of the client will not be disclosed to third parties, nor will they be disclosed or used in any other manner than for the creation of the character for Man Born Again, Eclypsed Word, and therefore by CEFAC&ARTs and for the circulation and the promotion of the above purpose.
In accordance with Rule 10 of the civil code, of Rule 96 and 97 Law number 633/1941 on copyright and with Rule 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree number 196/2003 on the protection of personal data, it is hereby authorised the use, the reproduction of and the publication of the images by any appropriate technical means.

The use of the images in all cases that could impair the honour, the reputation and the dignity of the person is also prohibited in accordance with Rule 97 Law number 633/41 and Rule 10 of the Italian Civil Code.
The personal data, in accordance with Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 number 196, will be processed for the sole purpose of the fulfillment of the legal agreement.
In accordance with Rule 3 of the Rome Convention of 19/06/1980, it is acknowledged that the present contract is entirely respecting the civil rights enforced in Italy, that regulate the conclusion, the execution and the termination of the contract and, on the basis of which it will be interpreted, also the resolution of any disputes that may arise.
I accept the conditions of the participation in the competition.


I authorize with my consent the processing of personal data ex articles 13 – 25 Legislative Decree 196/2003 (privacy Italy laws).