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This is ManBornAgain

MBA_This is ManBornAgain


Jaxon Cage, a boxer of the Crown, Melanie McHall, an American student, a lawless town and ancient people protecting their land…From the metallic London sky, to the cloudless landscapes of North America, across two continents: powder and bullets, trickeries and treasures, subjugated souls and guardian spirits. This is the story of the man who would change HISTORY.

We have thought about a role model  for Man Born Again that could also be a  standard for most of the works labeled “Eclypsed Word”.  For which concerns the contents we have drawn upon historical and anthropological sources  to be later embedded in a fictional context.  The work will be released in online instalments, just like a TV series, divided into 3 seasons, each of which will focus on the Italian actor Giuliano Gemma (Jaxon Cage) as the main character.

● Thanks to the Internet and to our App, you can immerse yourself in the pleasure of reading and living the experience anywhere you want!

●  You can purchase or receive extra contents such as gifts, including deleted scenes, promotional illustrations, anticipations, video trailers and much more!!! Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the Panels and discover their mysteries!!!

●  Each episode will feature a different soundtrack, created by emerging Artist on the International Scene, to allow you to experience something completely unique.

●  Some popular faces of the International Movie Stardom have inspired some characters in Man Born Again,  the Main Character’s facial features were inspired by Mr.Giuliano Gemma.

The COMICS EXPERIENCE continues with :

● Find out the symbols, the characters and the hidden images in the panels.

● Become part of the Story by purchasing one of the characters for sale and play alongside Giuliano Gemma and other guest-stars.

● Join our Exclusive special contents.

● Sign Up, buy an episode and give the previous one to a friend as a gift!

● Sign up and Login: Exclusive Discounts and special gifts!

Much more than a comic,

Much more than a movie,

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